Floseal Hemostatic Matrix

Floseal Hemostatic Matrix

Floseal Hemostatic Matrix is available in select countries globally.

FLOSEAL Hemostatic Matrix

Floseal is an effective adjunct hemostatic agent proven in a wide-range of bleeding scenarios1 with a proprietary combination of two independent hemostatic agents.1, 2

As a leader in hemostasis, we are committed to providing innovative solutions for surgeons. Floseal is effective across surgical specialties 1, and is proven to:

  • Stop bleeding 96% of the time within 10 minutes (first lesion, per-protocol analysis)1
  • Control bleeding in fully heparinized cardiac patients1,2
  • Stop bleeding fast (1.5 minutes median time to hemostasis) at the site of action1,4  in spinal surgery  
  • Work on wet, actively bleeding tissue1
  • Conform to irregular wound surfaces3
  • Be effective on both bone and soft tissue1,4
  • Do not inject or compress FLOSEAL Matrix into blood vessels

Important Risk Information

Convenient to Use

All-in-one package with human thrombin and pre-filled sodium chloride syringe, with no refrigeration required1

Floseal can be applied focally at the target site of bleeding1*

Needle-free kits available in both 5 mL and 10 mL sizes can now be used up to 8 hours after mixing with thrombin solution1

*Please refer to the applicable Instructions For Use for complete application techniques.

*Do not apply Floseal Matrix in the absence of active blood flow.

Rx Only. For safe and proper use of this device, refer to the full Instructions for Use.