General Healthcare

General Healthcare

From routine medical exams to individual healthcare and recovery needs, we help your care team deliver safe and effective care.

Wherever your healthcare journey goes, you can find our products in a physician’s office, the emergency room, intensive care unit, surgery suite, hospital rooms on the general floor, in urgent care centers, and, sometimes, in your home. Our medical device, pharmaceutical and digital health products are designed with a patient-centric focus to enhance care, speed recovery and help deliver the best possible outcomes. From everyday to specialty medical needs, we believe you deserve access to the best care possible.
A physical exam taking place in a physician's office

Supporting Early Diagnosis

Early, accurate diagnosis is an important step in your healthcare journey. The sooner it happens, the sooner you and your care team can work together to determine the appropriate treatment plan. We are advancing your care team’s ability to help diagnose issues early with reliable exam tools, accurate screening and diagnostics technology, and advanced vital signs monitoring solutions.

A doctor helps their patient in a hospital gown take a few steps around their hospital room

Enhancing Hospital Care

When admitted to the hospital, your only focus is on recovery. We are committed to providing you and your care team with innovations that make a difference from the emergency room to intensive care unit to your hospital room. Our IV medications and infusion systems, continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) systems and intelligent beds are all developed with one goal: to get you home sooner.

A surgeon holds the hand of a patient in the OR

Advancing Surgical Care

We know the need for surgery has the potential to bring a range of emotions. We are committed to supporting your surgical team with innovations focused on helping to optimize the surgical experience while minimizing complications.