Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals

Innovating in support of your ability to deliver the best possible patient care across settings.

We are advancing the next generation of transformative healthcare innovations that will help you deliver personalized care to your patients, while helping to enhance workflow efficiency, enable cost-effective care and improve patient outcomes. Starting from the initial patient exam and diagnosis, and continuing through acute and chronic treatments, we are committed to providing access to leading products, therapies and digital health solutions that support you—and your patients—every step of the way.

Our Specialties

Primary Care

Supporting primary care practices and specialists, urgent care centers and alternate sites of care, including physical exam and vitals monitoring, diagnostic cardiology, and vision screening.

Hospital Care

Empowering the highest standard of care throughout the hospital with our comprehensive suite of infusion pumps, intravenous (IV) medicines and solutions, smart beds and surfaces, care communications, patient monitoring and continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) systems.

Surgical Care

Delivering hemostat and sealant products, surgical anesthetics and surgical suite technologies to help enhance your technique, increase efficiencies and speed patient recovery.

Kidney Care

Pioneering innovation in peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis and digital health to help kidney patients live their best lives.

Nutritional Care

Innovating to support safe, precise and personalized clinical nutrition in the hospital and at home, including pediatric and adult IV nutrition formulations.

Respiratory Care

Helping patients breathe easier in the hospital, at home and on the go, including airway clearance and non-invasive ventilation systems.