We believe each of us deserves an opportunity to live our best lives, supported by access to life-saving and sustaining healthcare.

At Baxter, every day is focused on improving outcomes for you and your loved ones. We stand ready to help your care team deliver the best possible care, whether you are receiving it at a doctor’s office, outpatient care center, hospital or home.

Our Specialties

General Healthcare

Our products and therapies surround the care you are receiving, helping your care team deliver safe and effective care from your first exam to treatment and onto your path to recovery.

Kidney Care

Kidney disease is an ongoing journey. While every journey is unique, Baxter is with you every step of the way, providing options to meet your medical and lifestyle needs.

Nutritional Care

In the hospital or at home, our portfolio is designed to support safe and personalized nutritional care to help you improve your nutritional status.

Respiratory Care

In the hospital, at home and on the go, we help to support your respiratory needs.