Bardy Diagnostics ECG Monitoring Solutions

Bardy Diagnostics ECG Monitoring Solutions are available in select countries globally, including the United States.


Developed by an electrophysiologist, the Bardy CAM Patch is a long-term ECG monitor that has been clinically proven to identify arrhythmias. It is engineered to optimize p-wave signal capture, which enables it to differentiate between different types of atrial, as well as ventricular, arrhythmias. Its simple design allows for ease of application and its clinical portal helps streamline clinician workflow.

CAM Patch

The compact P-wave centric patch is designed for up to 14 days of monitoring to help healthcare professionals achieve accuracy and comfort for patients.

BDxConnect Portal

Our efficient, easy-to-use patient registration and management portal helps improve clinical workflows

CAM Report

Clinically actionable data is reported in a unique and proprietary format, offering efficient turnaround time for reports and multiple-field views.

Men's chest with a cam patch

CAM Patch

The CAM patch is designed to be placed along the sternum – over the heart – to optimize P-wave signal capture, improve ECG resolution, and provide more information about the heart rhythm that may help lead to more clinically-actionable diagnoses. Its unique form factor is designed with comfort and satisfaction in mind. It’s also conveniently available for home application.

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Healthcare professional going over test results with a patient

CAM Report

The CAM report is typically delivered within two business days from when data is directly uploaded from the patient’s CAM patch to BDxCONNECT, which may help hospital efficiency.

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