FlexiPort Reusable Blood Pressure Cuffs

FlexiPort Reusable Blood Pressure Cuffs are available in select countries globally, including the United States.


FlexiPort Reusable Blood Pressure Cuffs are an easy-to-use and affordable reusable blood pressure cuff solution, with simplified connectivity through the single-point FlexiPort snap connection and flexible sizing for infant to adult patients. They offer a cuff standardization solution for healthcare facilities, with options that help streamline workflow and inventory management. FlexiPort cuffs are also available as a disposable cuff solution to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Healthcare professional using a blood pressure cuff on a patient

Standardization in a Snap

The single-point FlexiPort connection is a practical innovation that can enable most devices to work with FlexiPort blood pressure cuffs—without the hassle of traditional cuff tubes and blood pressure connectors.

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FlexiPort cuffs may help improve care workflows and efficiencies.

Enhance Patient Care

FlexiPort cuffs can be sized up or down to support accurate readings for patients from infant to adult, while single-patient use options can help to reduce the risk of cross-contamination

Improve Workflows

The single-point FlexiPort connection helps improve nursing workflows, delivering a more reliable connection system and less friction from hospital staff

Streamline Inventory

FlexiPort cuff standardization helps reduce part numbers, streamline SKUs and inventory, and simplify ordering

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