Centrella Smart+ Bed

The Centrella Smart+ Bed is available in select countries globally, including the United States.


The Centrella Smart+ Bed supports patient-centered bedside care with innovations such as motion-activated nightlight, comfortable therapeutic surfaces, continuous patient monitoring and enhanced patient convenience features. All are designed to simplify healthcare providers' work, help enhance patient safety and increase patient satisfaction. 

Close up of Centrella bed lights

Optimize Patient Safety

The Centrella Smart+ Bed provides smartly designed bed exit systems, easy to read visual safety projections and therapeutic surfaces to help improve patient safety in and out of bed.

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Enhanced 3-Mode Bed Exit System

Helps reduce falls and related injuries and includes silence, auto reset and visual/audible safety prompts

Smart Lighting

Motion-activated night light and IllumiGuide side rail handgrip enhance visibility to safely guide patients to and from bed

Therapeutic Surfaces

Innovative support surfaces help manage pressure, shear and moisture to deliver optimal wound prevention and healing

Patient lying in a hospital bed

Continuously Monitor Patient Status

Real-time alerts and easy to read status monitors help give caregivers peace of mind that their patients are safe, even when they can't be at the bedside.

SafeView+ System

Provides visual projections that are easy to read from a distance, helping to monitor safety status at a glance

Contact-Free, Continuous Patient Monitoring

Exclusive to the Centrella Smart+ bed, an integrated sensor in the bed frame detects heart rate and respiratory rate through the surface and updates readings twice per second, then alerts when heart rate or respiratory rate exceeds a customizable threshold.

WatchCare System

An integrated incontinence management system that provides timely alerts to help reduce patients' skin exposure to moisture

Healthcare professional sitting next to a patient in a hospital bed

Elevate the Patient Experience

The Centrella bed is designed with patient satisfaction in mind with features that provide patient control, convenience, and comfort.

USB Port

Conveniently allows patients to charge their personal devices

Experience POD Device

Control panel with reading light and patient pendant also allows easy and comfortable use of a personal device for entertainment

AutoContour feature

Keeps patients comfortable and secure by elevating the knees when the head is elevated

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