Diversity Unlocks Innovative Ideas

Squire shares his passion for diversity and inclusion

Q: What is your current role at Baxter?

Squire: I am an associate general counsel in our legal department, and I’ve been with Baxter for about two years. I am the main legal point of contact for the Pharmaceuticals business and spend a great portion of my day-to-day providing legal advice on commercial transactional matters.  

Q: How do you find Baxter as a place to work?

Squire: Baxter is a great place to work. The Pharmaceuticals team is very entrepreneurial, and our business is growth-focused. Every day is different, and I really enjoy that challenge. It suits me. I am thrilled to be here to help support the business and our mission to save and sustain lives. 

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Our Baxter Black Alliance resource group provides unique perspective and understanding to the needs of our diverse patients and customers.

Squire Servance, associate general counsel and co-president of the Baxter Black Alliance, talks about his passion for diversity and inclusion

Q: You’re also the co-president of the Baxter Black Alliance (BBA), one of Baxter's eight business resource groups. What topics are you most passionate about?

Squire: I am honored to co-lead this business resource group within Baxter. There are two areas that I feel especially passionate about, and where I believe BBA adds value to Baxter and its stakeholders. 

For example, our BBA resource group is able to provide unique perspective and understanding to the needs of our diverse patients and customers. African-Americans are three to four times more likely than white Americans to develop end-stage renal disease, a disease that can be treated by our innovative Renal Care products and services. Our group adds value by partnering with our colleagues to ensure the needs of our communities are represented in product development, testing and rollout. 

We can also help advance Baxter's culture of ensuring every employee feels valued, respected and safe to be their authentic self. I believe our work in this area helps promote a culture of inclusiveness and ultimately retains our top talent, especially, top diverse talent. I believe that diversity adds value to everything we do. Being diverse means there is room for all kinds of ideas, which will ultimately speed up innovation. To support innovation in a company that saves and sustains lives makes me feel incredibly proud. 

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