Diverse Viewpoints Bring Success to the Business

'I have always believed that the strongest leaders allow everyone to have a voice at the table.'

Q: What is your current role at Baxter?

Reaz: I lead our Acute Therapies business, which delivers critical treatments to patients in the intensive care unit. I also lead our digital health group, which is responsible for accelerating the development of digital health solutions across Baxter’s portfolio.

Q: You’ve been chosen as one of Chicago United’s 2019 Business Leaders of Color for your diverse and inclusive leadership. Where did you first see the power of a diverse team?

Reaz: For me, it started early. I grew up in a household that emphasized continuous learning and diverse perspectives. This upbringing fueled my desire to travel the world, experience different cultures, and embrace others’ viewpoints. This early exposure has greatly shaped my unrelenting focus on the big picture, my collaborative leadership style and a drive to build diverse teams.

Q: What moment defines your leadership style?

Reaz: Many people talk about one defining moment, but for me, my career and leadership growth have been based on a collection of experiences – successes and failures. My approach has always been collaborative and grounded in embracing the different perspectives of my team, which today is more than 70% diverse. I believe the strongest leaders allow everyone to have a voice at the table and capitalize on diverse viewpoints to drive a business forward.

Q: What motivates you?

Reaz: I have always been inspired by Steve Jobs – he talks about how success comes when you choose a path that is authentic and aligns to your passion. This is a great lesson that I keep top of mind as I continue to grow as a leader.