WEEE 2012/19/EU

WEEE 2012/19/EU

WEEE recycling information for Baxter Customers in Europe

The European Union (EU) has implemented the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE – 2012/19/EU) Directive to ensure the proper collection, treatment and recycling of waste electronic products in the EU countries. As a producer of electronic and electrical equipment, Baxter complies with the WEEE Directive.

Under the Directive and its implementing regulations across Europe, when customers buy new Baxter electrical and electronic equipment they are entitled to send equipment back for recycling when this ultimately becomes waste.*

*Please note that implantable medical devices or infected products are not regulated under the scope of the WEEE Directive and therefore must be disposed of as infectious medical waste at the end users cost. 

WEEE Directive

On this page you can find information on how to dispose of your Baxter product in an appropriate way and in accordance with the EU WEEE Directive. 

Baxter products that are marked with the crossed-out wheeled bin WEEE symbol should not be disposed municipal or household waste. The marked equipment should be collected separately and returned for recycling. The separate collection and recycling of your waste equipment will help to protect human health and the environment. Baxter has contracted various waste management and recycling companies that handle our products across Europe. Please select your country from the list below to find out how to dispose of a Baxter product in your country.

Country Registration
Contract or
Compliance Scheme
Telephone Email Website
Austria 51615 ERA (+43) 1 71120 245-0 EMEA_Renal_Technik_
[email protected]
Belgium 285740 Recupel (+32) 2 204 76 00 [email protected] https://www.recupel.be/fr/
Czech Republic K004/05-ECZ

Asekol     (+420)234235111 [email protected] www.asekol.cz
Denmark 72246012 EL Retur (+45) 3336 9198 [email protected] www.elretur.dk
Finland 10939 Elker Oy (+358) 10 249 1700 N/A http://www.elker.fi
France 45 00 26 03 ECOSYSTEM (+33) 809 540 590 [email protected] https://www.ecosystem.eco/
Germany DE14799692 Baxter Deutschland GmbH (+49) 0800-7235636    
Greece (00)614 Appliances Recycling SA (+30) 210 5319780 [email protected] http://www.electrocycle.gr/
Ireland 588 WEEE Ireland (+353)0 1 2999320 [email protected] https://www.weeeireland.ie/
Italy IT 08020000002291 Baxter Technical Service, Italy (+39) 055 4295734 [email protected]  
Netherlands 62 RTA (+31) 033 434 13 14 [email protected] https://www.stichtingrta.nl/


RENAS (+47) 22 13 52 00 [email protected] https://renas.no/english/
Poland BDO 000003683 REMONDIS (+48) 22 593 03 00 [email protected] https://www.remondis.pl/
Portugal PT0000364 ERP (+351) 219 119 630 [email protected]


Slovakia 0036069167 SEWA (+421)910701109 [email protected] https://www.sewa.sk/
Spain REI-RAEE: 000244 ECOASIMALEC (+34) 91 417 08 90   https://www.raee-asimelec.es/in
El-Kretsen (+46) 8 545 212 90 [email protected] http://www.el-kretsen.se/
United Kingdom WEE/AF0065TW ERP  (+44) 020 3142 6452 [email protected] https://erp-recycling.org/uk/


For countries not listed above please contact us at [email protected]