Tales from a 20-Year Journey with Baxter Greater China

Sam Wang's belief in our mission fuels his continued growth 

Q: When did you join Baxter, what brought you here?

Sam: 我的本科专业是生物化学。毕业后不久我就加入了百特。二十年前,中国的生物科技行业刚刚起步,在一家跨国医疗科技公司工作,对我而言是非常激动的。此外,当时面试我的HR给我留下了非常深刻的印象,她特别亲切、细致,她所体现的百特文化吸引了当时作为社会新人的我。

My undergraduate major was in biochemistry. I joined Baxter not long after graduating. Twenty years ago, China’s biotechnology industry was just getting started, and working in a multinational medical technology company was very exciting for me. Plus, the HR partner who interviewed me made a deep impression. She was very kind and thorough. The Baxter culture she embodied attracted me as a newcomer.

Q: What motivates you? Personally, professionally?

Sam: 我基本上一直围绕肾科领域在工作,从产品到服务,尤其是目前从事给病人提供服务。我的目标是扩展我们一流的肾脏病护理模式,帮助慢性肾脏病患者在中国获得更好的高质量的治疗。这是激励我二十年在百特工作的最大动力。

I support our renal work, everything from products to services, but particularly providing services for our patients. My goal is to extend our best-in-class renal care model to help those with chronic kidney disease (CKD) gain better access to quality care in China. After 20 years at Baxter, this encourages me to continue to work hard.

Q: How did you end up in the role you’re in?

Sam: 刚加入百特的时候,我是一名销售代表。在20多年的职业生涯中,我从事过不同领域的工作,包括产品管理,人力管理,到业务领导。5年前,我又开始接受全新的挑战,接手了全新的业务。对我而言,我喜欢不断的挑战自己,跨出舒适圈。扩展肾脏病透析服务业务进入中国,是一个全新的尝试。我有勇气接受挑战持续改善病患的生活。

I joined Baxter as a sales representative. During my 20-year career, I have worked across different fields including product management, talent management, and business management. Five years ago, I accepted many new challenges and took over the Renal Care Services business. I like to keep challenging myself, and stepping up and out of my comfort zone. It was a new effort to expand this business into China, and I had the courage to accept that challenge to better patients’ lives.

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Sam Wang

Q: What about working at Baxter makes you stay?

Sam: 三个维度,第一是百特的价值观和使命,我们一直在与我们的员工、客户和合作伙伴持续努力秉承拯救并延续生命的使命第二是和一群志同道合的人一起工作,这让我非常有归属感。第三是在职业发展上,百特为我提供了一个很大的平台,给予不同的机会和资源去成长,实现了我人生的职业价值。

There are three reasons. The first is Baxter’s mission -- we are working every day with our employees, customers and partners to save and sustain lives. The second is that I can work with a group of like-minded people, which gives me a sense of belonging. The third is that Baxter has offered me different opportunities and resources to grow and realize the value of my professional life.

Q: What is one of your proudest moments while working at Baxter?

Sam: 2017年年底我们的诊所在厦门正式开业之后,当我看到我们第一个接受治疗的病人躺在病床上,非常开心和平和的微笑,是我感到最自豪的时刻。

When I saw the smiling face of the first patient being treated in our new local Renal Care Services dialysis clinic, which officially launched in Xiamen in 2017.

Q: In your own words, what does it mean for you to have a meaningful career?

Sam: 我和我的家人小孩父母真正为我的工作而感到骄傲。我曾经把我在透析中心工作的照片和视频给到我们家人看,给他们解释是什么透析中心以及我真正在做什么。在我休假的时候,我还带我的父母去参观过厦门透析诊所,因为他们一直不知道自己儿子真正的工作是什么样的。透析中心是非常直观,我的父母家人为我的工作感到骄傲自豪,以及我真正感受到我在帮助每一个患者的时候,这是我职业中最有意义的部分。


The most meaningful part of my career is that my family members are really proud of what I am doing to help patients. They’ve learned about our dialysis clinic and our mission. I even invited my parents to visit the clinic in Xiamen to learn more about what we are doing to help people with CKD gain better access to quality care. This makes me proud.