Staying Connected to Her Roots

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we sat down with Olga Beatriz Guzman, a leader in HOLA (Baxter’s business resource group for Hispanic and Latino employees) and Associate Global Marketing Director in Baxter's Kidney Care Segment, who shared her viewpoint on advancing inclusion at Baxter.

Q: What led you to become involved with the HOLA business resource group? 

Olga: Around 10 years ago, I accepted a role with Baxter and relocated from Colombia to the United States. More recently I joined HOLA, which has allowed me to keep growing my professional network while maintaining a strong connection with the Hispanic/Latino community.

Baxter BRG leader pictured inside her officeQ: In your opinion, what does the HOLA business resource group do especially well to help Baxter advance a culture of belonging and engagement? 

Olga: The HOLA team brings a lot of enthusiasm for diversity, equity and inclusion, along with the desire to celebrate and share our culture. I think we also are especially passionate about maintaining a strong connection with our members and fulfilling our commitments to the HOLA community.

Q: HOLA has selected the theme "Change is a Constant Opportunity" for its 2023 Hispanic Heritage Month programming. How is Baxter promoting the understanding of Hispanic/Latino cultures while helping employees embrace change? 

Olga: Baxter encourages diversity as a driving force behind innovation and transformation. All our BRGs, including HOLA, are working to foster an environment that empowers employees across all cultures and backgrounds to connect, learn, and grow together – enabling our ability to leverage the tremendous opportunities that change can bring.  

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