Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence

Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence

Baxter recognizes the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to transform the way we manage our business operations and support our Mission to Save and Sustain Lives.

We are committed to employing AI to champion our people, our patients, and the communities we serve. Baxter's development and deployment of AI will be guided a mindset of integrity and compliance, which empowers us to drive innovation in a responsible and accountable way, along with the following ten guiding principles:

1. Accountability

We uphold accountability through strong governance, clear delineation of responsibility, active monitoring, and continuous improvement. 

2. Fairness 

We are dedicated to treating individuals fairly and equitably throughout the lifecycle of AI systems, including by striving mitigate algorithmic bias and discrimination.

3. Human-Centered

Our approach to AI puts people first, empowers our workforce, and protects individual autonomy. 

4. Healthcare Excellence

We will leverage our scientific and medical expertise to advance safe and effective applications of AI in clinical settings.

5. Privacy 

We design our AI Systems with respect for individuals' privacy and use AI in a way that protects personal information.

6. Safety

We are committed to guarding against unintended uses, unauthorized access, and potential harm associated with AI systems at Baxter.

7. Security & Resilience 

We strive to maximize the reliability, security, and accuracy of AI technologies and put in place appropriate fallbacks to minimize adverse consequences.

8. Sustainability

We strive to make a positive impact on our planet and our communities, which includes advocating for the environmentally and socially responsible use of AI.

9. Transparency & Explainability

We encourage transparency in the development, functionality, and use of AI, alongside appropriate explainability of AI decision making.

10. Validity & Reliability

Our goal is to utilize technology that consistently generates accurate, reliable, and consistent results.


Modifications and changes to this statement of principles may take place from time to time as AI technology develops and regulatory requirements evolve.