Vision-Impaired Patient Tackles Home Dialysis with Confidence

Jeremy values his independence, which helps drive his determination to perform life-sustaining peritoneal dialysis treatments from the comfort of his home in Manitoba, Canada.

Jeremy has managed diabetes for years, which contributed to the development of his end-stage renal disease and vision loss. Still, maintaining his lifestyle at home is a goal that he is committed to accomplishing.

He was recently presented with a care option that allows him to perform automated peritoneal dialysis (APD) using a device that voice guides him through the therapy steps. Jeremy is now performing home dialysis with the Amia APD system with Sharesource remote patient management connectivity platform that also allows healthcare providers to view therapy data and help manage his care from their clinic.

Jeremy, Profile Image

Our world is designed for the sighted, the mobile. It’s nice to have a company make a product like this.

Jeremy, home peritoneal dialysis patient

“Our world is designed for the sighted, the mobile,” says Jeremy. “It’s nice to have a company make a product like this,” referring to Amia’s voice-guided, step-by-step instructions.  

Jeremy says APD at home allows him to perform therapy while he sleeps, which gives him the days to live his life.

"Even having something as serious as kidney failure doesn’t have to stop you from having a full, rich life,” he adds.