Turn Insights Into Action With Connected Medical Devices

As we strive to build digital health solutions that help streamline hospital operations and personalize patient care, we are collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver actionable insights that can help clinicians make informed decisions.

Today's medical devices contain troves of data that that can offer value and support to clinicians, especially when they are connected to an analytics platform. But, making sense of it all can be daunting.

Digital health solutions can alleviate that challenge by helping you translate device data into actionable insights that support streamlined hospital operations and enable the care team to make more confident clinical decisions.

The right digital tools can offer these benefits:

  • Time savings: Connected medical devices that automatically export diagnostic and/or treatment information to the EHR can help reduce manual tasks like charting or recording patient vitals.
  • More accessible information: Device data can be securely shared across the EHR and other core clinical systems that help make your facility run smoothly. For example, device alarms can be routed to a nurse's smartphone for quick assessment. The Biomed team can view current device status remotely, evaluating any issues for service follow-up.
  • Clinical decision support: Advanced analytics tools can help you unlock data from multiple sources and generate insights that inform clinical decisions – whether to flag early warning signs of patient deterioration or evaluate therapy effectiveness across an entire unit.
  • Remote monitoring: Connected devices combined with analytics tools can complement the shift we’re seeing to move patients closer to home for care. The care team can have a window into patient status and treatment progress, and the patient can have peace of mind knowing the team is monitoring them remotely.

Our collaboration with Amazon for their AWS cloud technology is key in helping us advance connected care and provide real-time insights that help improve patient outcomes and increase value for clinicians.

Brian Tufts, vice president, Global Acute Therapies

Reducing ICU Workload with Auto-Documentation

Connected devices have an important role in the intensive care unit (ICU). Our TrueVue digital health solutions for the PrisMax 2 system is designed to help simplify delivery of continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) and other organ support therapies, which are administered to critically ill patients. TrueVue securely and seamlessly transmits data from CRRT devices to a patient’s EHR. Auto-documentation of important treatment data that can prevent potential charting errors and reduce manual tasks, allowing clinicians to refocus time on patient care.

CRRT machine transmits data to the electronic health record

Using AWS' cloud technology, the solution also transmits aggregated, anonymized data to our teams to run analytics that offer insights on how CRRT is being delivered at the hospital level. A CRRT dashboard specific to your facility tracks key performance metrics such as filter life, alarms and prescription delivery. Your team can use this information to uncover trends and highlight opportunities to optimize CRRT quality improvement programs, helping your facility achieve clinical goals.

“Our collaboration with Amazon for their AWS cloud technology is key in helping us advance connected care and provide real-time insights that help improve patient outcomes and increase value for clinicians,” says Brian Tufts, vice president, Global Acute Therapies. “We are focused on expanding TrueVue globally, while elevating our digital offerings across the board to help our customers care for patients with complex medical needs.”


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