Baxter Suppliers

Baxter Suppliers

Our mission to save and sustain lives carries through our supplier base.

"Baxter works hard to establish partnerships with suppliers to integrate environmental and social factors in our Global Procurement process. We engage with suppliers on key corporate responsibility issues, including human rights, health and safety, business ethics, labor practices and environmental performance. We continue to focus on identifying opportunities with diverse suppliers and have expanded green transport partnerships around the world. Our goal is to optimize and integrate our distribution networks using innovative technology and sustainable practices."

Kelli Carney, Chief Procurement Officer

  • Global Supply Chain Standards:  Baxter endorses and strongly supports the GS1 standards for healthcare. We believe that industry-wide adoption of these standards will improve patient safety and drive increased efficiency and integrity.
  • Trade Compliance: We place a high priority on compliance with laws regulating exports, imports, and supply chain security.  Our compliance responsibilities include appropriate screening and contractual and security requirements that agents, distributors, suppliers, and other parties doing business with us must meet. In addition to meeting Baxter’s requirements, the agents, distributors, suppliers, and other parties doing business with or representing Baxter are also expected to comply with the letter and spirit of all applicable laws regulating exports, imports, and supply chain security.
  • Responsible Procurement & Logistics: Our global supply chain extends from the producers of raw materials utilized in manufacturing to the end users of its products. Our company is committed to building and driving a responsible supply chain.

Global Supplier Standards Manual (released April 8, 2024)

The purpose of this document is to ensure that external Baxter suppliers meets the requirements and expectations documented in this Global Supplier Standards Manual (GSSM). Click here to ask a question about the Global Supplier Standards Manual.

Ethics & Compliance Standards

We believe that a shared commitment to conducting business with high ethical standards will enhance our business relationships. 

Global Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

There are different versions of the Purchase Order Terms and Conditions, and each governs the purchase orders based on Baxter entity. Learn more by clicking the link below.

For Our Existing Suppliers

​Important: Supplier Notice of Change (SNC) Requirement

Notification Guidelines

We expect all our suppliers to notify us prior to making any changes that may affect conformance to defined requirements, product quality, or a regulatory filing. Notification must include the necessary change documentation demonstrating the acceptability and compliance of the change. We expect our supplier’s change control activities to be well planned and documented to assure full compliance of products to the requirements.


At a minimum, our suppliers are expected to:

  • Ensure that personnel executing the change are qualified
  • Evaluate all changes for product or process risk, including efficacy and safety
  • Properly document and communicate changes to Baxter, in writing, prior to execution, and
  • Obtain Baxter’s approval in the electronic system prior to implementation.

Supplier Portal

Access our portal to submit changes, view documents and review SNC status.

1. Click here to register as a new user

2. Click here to submit a new change or view existing SNC records (NOTE: You must be registered first to use this link)

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Supplier Notice of Change Tutorial