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Research & Continuing Education Grants

Research & Continuing Education Grants

We are dedicated to supporting the pioneering efforts of clinicians and scientists who are focused on innovative research, and continuing education for healthcare professionals.

​Baxter Grants

What are the IIR, CME, and University Program?

Investigator Initiated Research (IIR)

An IIR, or Investigator Initiated Research, is a research grant opportunity where investigators can submit their protocol for Baxter’s review and consideration. An important distinction is that the Investigator and their Institution have complete control over their protocol, they own the data, and the Institution acts as the Sponsor of the study. Our role is to provide funding and/or product support, as well as potential specialized services.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Grant

A Continuing Medical Education (CME) Grant is for providing continuing education to Healthcare Professionals. Grants are for education activities to further expand or provide updates in a particular area. These may include symposia, workshops, or congresses. The activities could be accredited or non-accredited. These grants are not for individual scholarships, rather for a training session that is supported by a healthcare organization.

University Research Program

The University Research Program combines our internal expertise and resources with the external capabilities found at universities or research institutions from around the world. This is an opportunity for researchers to collaborate in creating and/or developing life-changing therapies and products.

Need Assistance?

If you have any questions about our Education Grant program, please email [email protected].
If you have questions about our Investigator Initiated Research program, please email [email protected].

Things You Should Know

Baxter's acceptance of your proposal for review is not an indication that Baxter will fund your research. By submitting your materials to Baxter for review, you understand that Baxter will not treat the information as confidential or proprietary and Baxter has no obligation to keep it confidential.

Please do not consider any request approved until you have received written documentation from Baxter notifying you of the grant approval. Although you may receive notification that the grant has been approved, actual receipt of funding is contingent upon timely execution of a grant agreement by both parties. Submission of application(s) is deemed acceptance of these provisions.

IIR Grants Information and Application Deadlines