Research & Continuing Education External Funding

Research & Continuing Education External Funding

We are dedicated to supporting the pioneering efforts of clinicians and scientists, innovative research, and continuing education for healthcare professionals.

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Investigator Initiated Research (IIR) Funding

Investigator Initiated Research (IIR) is research in which an Investigator and their Institution have complete control over their Protocol, own the data, and the Institution acts as the sponsor of the study.  Investigators and Institutions can submit their Protocol for Baxter's review and consideration for funding and/or product support.

Independent Medical Education (IME) Funding

Independent Medical Education (IME) funding provides continuing education to Healthcare Professionals. Fundings are for education activities to further expand or provide updates in a particular area. These may include symposia, workshops, or congresses. The activities could be accredited or non-accredited. These fundings are not for individual scholarships, rather for a training session that is supported by a healthcare organization.

Publication Grants (PG) Funding

Publication Grant funding provides support for publisher associated fees (open access fees, page charges, other fees assigned by the publisher, etc). These grants are available for research projects completed without previous Baxter support or funding and have been accepted for publication. Proof of submission and acceptance by the publisher are required. These grants are funded as reimbursements to the healthcare organization or institution.

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