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Baxter continues to excel in cultivating women leaders

Seramount, a professional services firm dedicated to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion, has once again named Baxter to its list of Top 75 Companies for Executive Women – the top workplaces for women who want to advance through the corporate ranks. We spoke with four Baxter women executives to get their perspectives and guidance for aspiring leaders.

Q: In your opinion, what does Baxter do well in its effort to advance women into leadership roles and facilitate their success? 

Head shot of a Baxter women leader

Baxter is clearly working hard to fulfill its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion with a specific emphasis on advancing women in leadership. There are plenty of development, support and sponsorship opportunities for women employees, and I think we do a great job of celebrating women’s successes and accomplishments in our communications.

Mary Henson, General Manager – U.S. Commercial

Q: How do the company’s employee benefits contribute to making Baxter a place where women can thrive?

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Between our Alliance for Baxter Women business resource group, workplace flexibility policies and extended parental leave for U.S. employees, I think our benefits package really demonstrates our commitment to an inclusive workplace and that we’re a top employment destination for women. I’m particularly proud of how we also measure and hold ourselves accountable for making progress in cultivating women leaders around the world.

Angela Lee, Chief Diversity Officer

Q: How have Baxter’s policies and support systems benefited you personally?

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I think our policies and benefits do a nice job of supporting employees regardless of what stage they’re at in their lives and career. For example, I have a parent who lives several hours away and is fighting cancer. When possible, I work remotely from my parents’ home by day so I can spend time with them in the evening, which to me is absolutely invaluable.

Danielle Voyles, Vice President, Global Transformation Office – Digital & Data Transformation

Q: What advice would you give to women at an early stage in their careers who aspire to progress into executive roles?

Head shot of a Baxter women leader

Surround yourself with allies – smart people who believe in you – and keep searching for new experiences. Don’t be afraid to take on the difficult projects that seemingly nobody else wants to take on: In my experience, these often turn out to be wonderful and unique opportunities for career advancement.

Terri Kapur, Vice President, Research & Development – Front Line Care

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