'It's About the Patient & Purpose'

For Darren Evans, work is not simply a job, it's a career with a larger purpose. As vice president, Global Technical Services at Baxter, Darren's teams ensure our customers have the equipment and technology they need to serve their patients. We spoke with Darren, who joined Baxter as part of the company's recent acquisition of Hillrom, to learn about how he and his team support patients and customers on a daily basis.

Question: How have your past experiences informed your current leadership style? 

Darren: Some of my previous roles have been in finance and accounting and when you're in that kind of role, you are dealing with spreadsheets and numbers and you're driving for results. I used to hold people accountable for the numbers. Now that I'm in technical services, and I can directly see the impact on somebody's life, that changes my perspective. The numbers are still important but knowing that our team, every day, has an impact on a patient's life and we're making equipment available that can save and sustain lives, it gives new meaning. My leadership style has moved away from stressing numbers to doing what’s right for the patient and what's right for the customer. I also make sure I walk a mile in my team's shoes. Am I asking my team something that they can reasonably do in a day? Am I asking for miracles every day? I need to understand what my team is facing and give them tools and training to be successful.

Q: How have you developed training to better support your teams?

Darren: We are seeing our skills move from traditional electromechanical and logistical services to advanced electromechanical and connectivity. I see the demand for new skills – we train, acquire and develop our teams so we can move toward a more digital and connected environment. 

For example, we have a tool now that allows us to monitor and assess products remotely so we can identify any technical issues with equipment before patient service is interrupted. It drives efficiencies for us as well. This is a huge focus for us right now and is a part of our bigger strategy. 

Q: What are the biggest challenges you help solve for customers?

Darren: In the current environment, supply chain demands are still an issue. Being able to get parts, trying to extend the operations of customer assets, looking for service partners to help ensure assets stay safe and efficient in the delivery of care are all issues our customers are managing. We play an important role helping our customers manage these fluctuating demands. 

Q: Can you briefly describe your teams and how they inspire you? 

Darren: All my teams bring a lot of value. Whether it's our technicians delivering rental products in times of need or our electromechanical teams coming in during off hours to make sure our surgery rooms are ready for an early morning procedure, our teams are constantly doing what it takes for our customers and their patients. Our team members are the type of people who run to the issue, not away from it. 

We had a technician not long ago who overheard a child receiving a shot and the child was upset so our technician began making funny faces to calm him down. These are the kind of people we have and the kind of day-to-day actions of our team members who truly make an impact on healthcare.

Q: What is your biggest accomplishment outside of work?

Darren: My family. I have a lovely wife and two great sons. Both are married with great life partners and have successful careers. Seeing my two sons grow up and build happy lives for themselves makes me proud.

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