'I’m a Scientist... I Like Solving Problems'

Our technical leads generate data to make things happen

An interview with Reagan Miller, Senior Research Scientist

Q: What is your current role?

Reagan: I lead a team of laboratory analysts in the Pharmaceuticals R&D group. When it comes to generating data, they're the people that make everything happen. Specifically, my team works with the technical and analytical leads for various projects to execute studies in the laboratory. I am also a technical lead for several development projects. Technical leads develop the study strategy and design, and then work in close partnership with our colleagues in the lab to perform it. 

Q. What kinds of studies does your team help lead?

Reagan: When working on a new drug product, for example, there is a great deal of data we need to provide with our application to receive regulatory approval. My team conducts the studies to show that the drug formulation is acceptable, that the container will not interact with the formulation, that the product meets or achieves the appropriate shelf life, that the packaging is acceptable, that the test methods are appropriate for use, and more. In addition, we help evaluate and choose suppliers of key ingredients used in our pharmaceutical products to ensure they meet our requirements for efficacy and quality.

For everyone on our team, we try to provide compelling opportunities aligned to each person’s interests and distribute responsibilities, so they can gain additional experience. 

Q. How has your team managed to stay productive during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Reagan: We know that patients and clinicians rely on us to keep things moving and make sure we are developing and delivering new products on schedule, so for many of us, being in the lab is essential. We've made accommodations to help ensure the safety of our team, which has required us to move some work areas, instrumentation, glassware, and so on. We also accommodate flexible work schedules – for instance, some colleagues are in the lab for three days a week, and at home for two. We've also tried to recognize the team's incredible work during this trying time in different ways, like distributing "thank you" gifts to our lab team, and arranging games and contests we can play virtually to help everyone stay connected and have fun.  

Q. What do you like best about working at Baxter? 

Reagan: For me, the best thing about working at Baxter is being able to do work that’s important to people—especially patients—on the outside, and to work with a fantastic team on the inside. And I'm a scientist, I like solving problems. To be able to do that every day is very fulfilling.