"I Helped Make That"

Mentoring the next generation of innovators is important to our employees.

POB Bairstow Testimonial

I’ve had an interest in science from a young age thanks to my fifth-grade science teacher, who was one my earliest mentors. Mentorship is very important, especially within technical careers, as it’s an opportunity to form a relationship that can help provide direction and guide your career. Baxter was my first job after completing my undergraduate and graduate education, and I’ve been here for the last 14 years. I always aspired to be able to go into a hospital or pharmacy, point to a product on the shelf and say, ‘Hey, I helped make that.’ The combination of having great mentors and the opportunity to work for Baxter has made it possible for me to achieve that goal.

Shawn Bairstow, Senior Research Scientist in Global Clinical and Preclinical Development