Progressa Smart+ Bed

The Progressa Smart+ Bed is available in select countries globally, including the United States.


The critical care environment becomes more demanding and complex each year. The Progressa Smart+ Bed system was designed to meet hospitals’ evolving needs – with innovations targeted at helping to accelerate patient recovery. More than just a bed – the Progressa bed system is a therapeutic device that acts as a seamless extension of healthcare teams.

Patient in a hospital bed using a nasal breathing tube

Help Patients Breathe Easier

The Progressa Smart+ Bed provides in-bed percussion and vibration and continuous lateral rotation therapies to help reduce pulmonary complications caused by immobility. In addition, its exclusive ICU proning accessory can help improve compliance with proning orders while managing the risk of complications associated with proning.

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Healthcare professional assisting a patient in a hospital bed

Protect Patients’ Skin

The Progressa bed combines Advanced Microclimate technology, incontinence management systems, and StayInPlace technology to address the five factors of skin breakdown – pressure, shear, friction, heat, and moisture – for optimal wound healing and skin protection.

Two healthcare providers assisting a patient getting up from hospital bed

Get Patients Up and Moving Sooner

To support patients through early mobilization, the Progressa bed offers flexible frame options to move patients safely and easily. Options include one-button FullChair positioning with chair egress and an integrated 3-mode bed exit alarm to detect movement and help ensure patients are safe while in bed.

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