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For our commitment to forward-thinking programs in the areas of paid parental leave, childcare assistance and job flexibility, Baxter was recently named to Seramount's (formerly Working Mother Media) lists of 100 Best Companies and Best Companies for Dads.

Baxter supports our hardworking moms and dads. We asked employees with first-hand experience in the matter what makes Baxter a great fit for working mothers and fathers.

Baxter employee and his family smile for a selfie.

Shortly after joining Baxter we had a child with multiple complex disabilities, which completely transformed our lives. Here I found a culture, community and role models that helped me adapt to my new situation. My managers provided me the flexibility and encouragement I needed to set up the infrastructure at home necessary to support my family's needs.

David Stone, Senior Director, Integration Management - Americas, (pictured with his partner Lauren Rivera and their children)

This is where you can be your whole and authentic self.

Baxter employee with her husband and son

At Baxter, I'm given the necessary tools and resources to organize my day around my family’s needs while maintaining a strong performance at work.

Chantal Isada, Senior Executive Assistant - Global Marketing, Clinical Nutrition, (pictured with her husband Dan and their son)

This is where you can grow both personally and professionally.

Baxter employee with his wife and children

Both my children are on traveling sports teams with games and practices at inconvenient times and places. Having a flexible work schedule so I can support my children has been vital to me as a father.

Jesse Seidman, Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs - Renal Care, (pictured with his wife Holly and their children)

This is where people care about one another.

Baxter employee with her husband and sons

Since joining Baxter, I've always had a flexible work arrangement. My manager gives me the autonomy to flex my hours to accommodate my children's ever-changing schedule, which has been especially important during the pandemic.

Caroline Onagan, Senior Director, Global Talent Acquisition Strategy & Planning, (pictured with her husband Chris and their children)

This is where I feel supported as a working mom.

Baxter employee with her two sons

I think a common fear among many working mothers is that they could be overlooked if they take time out from their careers to have a baby. I had my second baby whilst working for Baxter, and the company was fantastic leading up to, during and upon my return from maternity leave.

Rachel Trace, Country Lead, United Kingdom and Ireland - Integrated Care Solutions, (pictured with her sons)

This is where working parents can thrive in an environment that has purpose and flexibility.

Baxter employee with his wife and children

Whether it's an aging parent, a newborn at home or other life commitments, in my experience leaders at Baxter understand and make accommodations for their employees’ family obligations.

Brian Tufts, Vice President, Global Marketing - Acute Therapies, (pictured with his wife Kelly and their children)

This is where my professional goals complement my personal journey.

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