Flexibility That Works for Baxter Parents

At a time of changing family dynamics, we understand the increasing demands placed on our employees to balance their personal and work lives

For many Baxter parents, our workplace flexibility program allows individuals to modify their work schedules and accommodate different approaches to get work done. It’s only one of the reasons we were recognized nationally as one of Working Mother magazine’s 2018 ‘100 Best Companies.’

But it’s not our tools and resources that make us great – it’s our people. Hear from a few of our working parents and learn more about how Baxter is empowering them to thrive personally and professionally.

Kathy Buscaglia, Director of Talent Management

Over the years, people have become more comfortable with the idea that when you work and where you work isn’t as important as are you getting the work done and achieving your goals. I get to do work I love, for the company I love, and I get to do it in a way that works for my family. Because of that, Baxter and my family get more from me.

Kevin Lewis, Senior Research Scientist

Life with children is anything but predictable, and honestly there’s no typical day. Work-life policy at Baxter is not an empty company commitment, it’s truly a culture. You need to be present at home when you’re at home and present at work when you’re at work, and the policies and resources available at Baxter allow you to do both. It drives employee engagement and a culture that’s innovative and transformative – I see that here every day.

Beth Mueller, Senior Manager, Global Communications

I have had both of my girls, Caroline and Abigail, while I’ve been at Baxter. I’m still trying to figure out what a normal day looks like. Every day is a bit different depending on how the girls wake up in the morning and with what I have going on at work. I want to show my daughters that they have options and that I had dreams before they were here, and I want to continue those; and I can be successful at both.

Guillermo Amezcua, Senior Director, Marketing

I have never felt that things I’m responsible for at home are being sacrificed for what I need to do as part of my job. Baxter gives me many ways to disconnect and reconnect at whatever time I need to. It’s not about working odd hours, it’s about making sure that we’re honest about what we can and can’t do, and when we do things, we do it to the best of our ability. We’re very open and understanding of the needs of all of our employees, and knowing that we’re doing everything we can to ensure that their lives outside of Baxter are as positive as possible.