Fighting Racial Injustice

Fighting Racial Injustice

"To realize our Mission to Save and Sustain Lives, it is our shared responsibility to fight racism, end marginalization and advance social justice for the Black community – within Baxter and beyond. A growing wave of actions is underway building on our longtime global embrace of diversity, equity and inclusion. There is hard work ahead, but we must dedicate ourselves to shaping the future we want for ourselves, our children and generations to come."
– Joe Almeida, Chairman, President and CEO

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Racism, intolerance, marginalization and discrimination are not bound to U.S. borders. They affect our colleagues, families, friends and communities worldwide in countless forms, overt and veiled.

Baxter is a tapestry of difference. We comprise a vast, magnificent spectrum of employees united in a single Mission: Save and Sustain Lives; and it rests on a strong foundation and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion globally.

Working in close collaboration with our Black Professional Alliance business resource group, we launched ACT: Activating Change Today, a multidimensional and multiyear initiative to advance inclusion and racial justice within the workplace and within the communities and markets we serve. 

As the name suggests, our commitment through ACT is about taking action and driving results. We want to achieve meaningful, sustainable change within and beyond Baxter to be part of the solution to the complex, longstanding, multifaceted societal issue of racial injustice. We are acting with a sense of urgency, prioritizing initiatives that we believe will provide the biggest impact. We will share updates on our progress.

A Few Examples of ACT:ions in Flight


  • Baxter’s attraction strategy focuses on Black talent in the U.S. through partnerships with multiple schools, including Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) with strong engineering programs; and Predominately Black Institutions (PBIs)
  • The EMEA I&D Council launches the Baxter MultiCultural Network business resource group to help advance racial justice across the region
  • Baxter partners with McKinsey & Co. to help accelerate the careers of 20+ key Black talent through their Connected Leaders Academy program designed for Black talent from various companies
  • Launched a new STEM internship program in partnership with 5 HBCUs (for 2022/2023 graduates)


  • A $3.5 million award, the largest single investment in the Baxter International Foundation's history, made to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund over three years awarded 40+ scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year in support of the Baxter Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) STEM Scholars Program. The scholarships assist students pursuing STEM fields with mentorship opportunities with Baxter employees to further extend impact, along with additional funding to support Black and Brown teachers to boost retention and quality in the classroom
  • Australia and New Zealand launches the Reconciliation Action Plan to deliver economic and health equity for the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander communities
  • Baxter donates $50K to the Rebuilding Fund which was designed to invest in minority businesses struggling to recover from the economic downturn resulting from COVID and damage during protests, benefiting 80+ Black owned businesses
  • Baxter donates $100K to the National Minority Supplier Diversity Council (NMSDC) Academy which connects 170+ Black women executives and provides them with meaningful networking opportunities and learning solutions
  • Baxter supports the National Minority Supplier Diversity Council (NMSDC) Emerging Young Entrepreneur's (EYE) program which is designed to provide the next generation of minority entrepreneurs with support to enhance their growing businesses; benefited 20+ young Black business owners who along with other Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) peers generate $500M in annual revenue
  • Leveraging our product donations program in partnership with Direct Relief to support select Community and Federally Qualified Health Centers that serve medically marginalized Black communities


  • Baxter continues to strengthen healthcare disparity advocacy efforts by supporting and deploying relevant programming with leading policy organizations such as the National Minority Quality Forum and the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation to influence health policy such as the Health Equity Incentive which is now added to the ESRD Treatment Choices (ETC) Model. The ETC Model is a mandatory alternative payment model that encourages greater utilization of home dialysis and kidney transplants for Medicare beneficiaries with this chronic condition; thus encouraging dialysis providers to decrease disparities with ESRD patients with lower socioeconomic status
  • Awarded $1.2 million across three Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to promote a Black healthcare pipeline in medicine. The first health and science scholarships  - Baxter Scholars Award – went to two Tennessee State University students. Recipients for the year 2 scholarships will be announced in August 2022, including new partnerships with the TSU BSN program (nursing) and Howard College of of Pharmacy
  • The Black Kidney Awareness, Resources and Education (K.A.R.E.) educational toolkit, developed in partnership with The National Kidney Foundation of Illinois, includes actionable tips and guidance for improving kidney heath and managing kidney disease; and has already impacted 51,000+ community members
  •  The Links, Incorporated and the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois partnership expands in its second year from the Midwest region to a national presence, and cumulative funding totaling $1.4 million. These funds are directed to programming efforts that increase awareness and education in Black communities about kidney health and how to navigate the unique barriers associated with managing chronic kidney disease
  • Sponsoring health equity research to improve access to care for underrepresented populations
  • Increasing Black representation on Key Opinion Leader (KOL) advisory boards and ensuring that the Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) Baxter engages with have experience treating diverse patient populations

Just Voices

Just Voices is a video series featuring stories that seek to advance our awareness and understanding of the need to end racial injustice in the U.S. and around the world. 

Episode 1

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Fostering Open, Honest Conversations

"How can you honor, and take pride in, the experiences of your fellow Black colleagues? And how can you champion them to ensure that we have diversity in every crevice of our marketplace?" 

– Nosa Eguae, Territory Business Manager, Advanced Surgery

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People Of Baxter

Our organization is enriched by people with diverse backgrounds and experiences that work together to drive better healthcare options for patients around the world. We strive to create an inclusive work environment.