Fighting Racial Injustice

Fighting Racial Injustice

"To realize our Mission to Save and Sustain Lives, it is our shared responsibility to fight racism, end marginalization and advance social justice for the Black community – within Baxter and beyond. A growing wave of actions is underway building on our longtime global embrace of inclusion and diversity. There is hard work ahead, but we must dedicate ourselves to shaping the future we want for ourselves, our children and generations to come." – Joe Almeida, Chairman and CEO

image of employees working together in an office settingRacism, intolerance, marginalization and discrimination are not bound to U.S. borders. They affect our colleagues, families, friends and communities worldwide in countless forms, overt and veiled.

Baxter is a tapestry of difference. We comprise a vast, magnificent spectrum of employees united in a single Mission: Save and Sustain Lives; and it rests on a strong foundation and commitment to diversity and inclusion globally.

Working in close collaboration with our Baxter Black Alliance business resource group, we launched ACT: Activating Change Today, a multidimensional and multiyear initiative to advance inclusion and racial justice within the workplace and within the communities and markets we serve. 

As the name suggests, our commitment through ACT is about taking action and driving results. We want to achieve meaningful, sustainable change within and beyond Baxter to be part of the solution to the complex, longstanding, multifaceted societal issue of racial injustice. We are acting with a sense of urgency, prioritizing initiatives that we believe will provide the biggest impact. We will share updates on our progress.

A Few Examples of ACT:ions in Flight


  • Developed targeted talent recruiting efforts partnering with Black professional organizations (NSBE, NSN, NBMBA) and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).
  • Launching a new STEM internship program in 2021 (for 2022/2023 graduates) sourced through partnerships with HBCUs.
  • Partnering with woman/minority owned recruiting agencies.


  • Soliciting candid anonymous feedback on racism via global employee listening circles; leveraged as input to our programs and activities.
  • Launching a pilot program to build the “Race IQ” of our leaders in Q1 2021.
  • Improving the way we identify and mitigate unconscious biases in our global HR processes, including hiring and the Talent Review and Planning process.
  • Expanding the geographic reach and member base of the Baxter Black Alliance business resource group.
  • Established Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a paid holiday for U.S. employees – encouraged to use as a Day of Service.


  • Committing $2.5 million toward community support through the Baxter International Foundation, including a $2 million grant to the American Diabetes Association to address health disparities for people with diabetes in underserved communities and a three-year 2:1 match on employee contributions to select nonprofit organizations committed to fighting racial injustice.
  • Leveraging our product donations program to support select Community and Federally Qualified Health Centers that serve historically medically marginalized Black communities.
  • Expanding our supplier diversity program by increasing Baxter’s supplier diversity spend and growing strategic relationships with diverse suppliers.
  • Strengthening our healthcare disparity advocacy efforts by supporting and deploying relevant programming with leading policy organizations. 


  • Increasing Black representation on Key Opinion Leader (KOL) advisory boards and ensuring that the Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) Baxter engages with have experience treating diverse patient populations.
  • Providing scholarships/grants to promote a Black healthcare professional pipeline in medicine.
  • Partnering with national organizations to provide grant funding to host community health events.
  • Partnering with patient advocacy group to provide education toolkit for kidney health for patients who are at risk for kidney disease.
  • Standardizing enterprise-wide adoption of inclusive product/therapy design from concept to launch
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Fostering Open, Honest Conversations

"How can you honor, and take pride in, the experiences of your fellow Black colleagues? And how can you champion them to ensure that we have diversity in every crevice of our marketplace?" 

– Nosa Eguae, Territory Business Manager, Advanced Surgery

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People Of Baxter

Our organization is enriched by people with diverse backgrounds and experiences that work together to drive better healthcare options for patients around the world. We strive to create an inclusive work environment.