Dedicated to Our Patients' Needs

Our field service engineers play a vital role in installing and maintaining medical devices for customers. During the pandemic, they demonstrated an unrelenting dedication to supporting the continuation of dialysis for kidney patients in the face of mounting challenges.

A field technician services a HD systemField service engineers Veeraragavan Periyakaruppan, Abdul Kareem Mohammed and Jayesh Panchasara were tasked last year in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic with installing AK 98 hemodialysis (HD) machines in dialysis centers in eastern India. The installations were carefully orchestrated so that chronic kidney patients would not have their treatments that are required several days a week to sustain their lives disrupted. Patients require dialysis when their kidney function declines and they can no longer filter the toxins from their blood. Dialysis, in this case HD, is typically performed multiple times a week in a dialysis center where a machine performs the work of the kidneys. 

Not only did they have to contend with the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also a monsoon that displaced hundreds of thousands of people and collapsed roads that increased their transportation time from two hours to eight hours each way to ensure safe passage to the clinics.

I was thinking about the patients who depend so much on our dialysis machines.

Veeraragavan Periyakaruppan

It’s a satisfying feeling when you are able to help patients directly or indirectly.

Abdul Kareem Mohammed

I feel grateful to work in the medical field and to be able to provide support that helps saves lives.

Jayesh Panchasara

Despite the additional challenges, the technical service specialists displayed their commitment by successfully installing 20 AK98 HD machines, demonstrating our mission of saving and sustaining lives.

The engineers agree the support of their colleagues, Baxter leadership and a focus on our mission to save and sustain lives, helped them navigate another devastating wave of COVID-19 in India earlier this year.  

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