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Internships & Early Talent Development Programs

Internships & Early Talent Development Programs

We actively recruit at universities across the United States, seeking college students or recent graduates with ambition, enthusiasm and a deep interest in innovation.

Our programs are more than a great introduction to Baxter’s environment and culture. Each day will give you a better working knowledge of your field and valuable insights into the healthcare industry. Students will gain hands-on experience with engaging projects, mentoring and other opportunities to make a valuable impact on the lives of our patients.

Photo of Engineering students on Project Lead the Way

​Internship & Co-op Program

Our internship/co-op program allows students to gain hands-on experience with different aspects of development and support in the healthcare space. Through our robust program, interns gain 12 weeks of practical work experience that directly relates to their academic studies and career goals. Baxter interns not only assume full responsibility and contribute in a professional capacity, but they learn from, and work and network with, Baxter professionals from a variety of areas across the organization. 

Our co-op program offers a three- or six-month assignment designed to ultimately provide participants with experience related to and consistent with their academic and career goals. For co-op opportunities, there must be a partnership agreement between a student, employer and university.

Photo of students participating in the Commercial Leadership Development Program

​Rewards & Benefits

​Pay is competitive, and is based on the individual’s discipline and academic year. Other benefits include paid holidays and subsidized housing and transportation (if applicable). In addition, participants have the opportunity to network both professionally and socially through organized developmental and social activities.

Photo of students in the IT Development Program


​Baxter evaluates undergraduate and graduate candidates based on the same criteria as entry-level employees, which includes grade point average, leadership abilities, communication skills and relevant coursework. Specifically, Baxter looks for interns/co-ops who have:

  • A grade point average of 3.0 or higher (on 4.0 scale) (unless otherwise noted)
  • A diverse set of extracurricular activities
  • At least one year of college and are enrolled in school the semester following their internship
Early Talent Development Programs

We are committed to building future leaders through functional and leadership training, while providing unique assignments that promote individual growth and visibility across our company.

Financial Development Program

The Financial Development Program (FDP) provides aspiring finance and accounting professionals with a range of unique experiences in corporate accounting and finance to help shape them into future business leaders. Over the 3-year program, accounting and finance professionals develop their careers through a series of two 6-month and two 1-year rotations strategically designed to provide a well-rounded view of Baxter’s business and finance competencies.

Information Technology Development Program

The IT Development Program (ITDP) provides aspiring IT professionals with a range of unique experiences in corporate IT to help shape them into future business leaders. Over the 2-year program, IT professionals develop their careers through four 6-month rotations designed to challenge them to quickly adapt and add value to each position. Associates have three mentors to help introduce them to our corporate culture, values and goals of the program, assist them in selecting rotation assignments, and help them grow their professional network. 

Commercial Leadership Development Program

​The Commercial Leadership Development Program (CLDP) is committed to building future business leaders with commercial competencies and leadership skills that allow them to successfully drive superior business results in a complex global healthcare environment. The CLDP is designed to provide associates with a solid career foundation that will help shape them into outstanding leaders. Associates will gain valuable experience across Baxter’s businesses, with broad exposure to domestic and global teams through rotational assignments.

Operations Development Program

Patients and healthcare teams rely on our products in critical moments — during surgeries and traumas, and when treating many complex medical conditions. The Operations function is responsible for building the systems and processes to ensure that safe and effective medical products reach patients and clinicians worldwide. The Operations Development Program (ODP) is comprised of four 6-month rotations that are strategically designed to provide associates with a well- rounded view of our quality manufacturing processes, systems and medical product lines.

Sales Development Program

The Sales Development Program (SDP) offers aspiring sales professionals the unique opportunity to experience a variety of sales roles selling essential medical products and therapies. Over the course of the 24-month rotational program, participants have the chance to contribute value while building their business acumen and developing selling skills through a series of training rotations that include both internal and field-based selling experiences.

Technical Development Program

The Technical Development Program (TDP) is a 2-year training program focused on developing high-potential, entry-level professionals who are passionate about science, technology and saving lives, and who have the desire to strive to create innovative, quality products and processes. This rotational program is designed to accelerate professional development by exposing the associate to Baxter’s technical businesses through a variety of critical assignments and targeted training. Professionals will graduate with the confidence and technical ability to create and produce Baxter’s next generation of products and therapies designed with the customer experience in mind.

​Nicole Mascheri, ​Project Manager

​One of the most important benefits to me from the Technical Development Program was the ability to come out of it with a diverse network in the company and have relationships to build upon when the program was completed.

​Nicole Mascheri, ​Project Manager