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When It “Clicked” – Bringing a Family Together

Patient Story

Crystal couldn’t hold her twin girls until their second day in the world. Emelia Ainsley and Adelaide Eden were born early, at 31 weeks into Crystal’s pregnancy.  

Emelia, the oldest by a minute, weighed in at just over three pounds. Adelaide was a bit bigger at just over four pounds. The girls were rushed away and immediately incubated to treat respiratory distress, ventilated and administered oxygen. Nurses put IVs in place. Emelia stopped breathing and was revived.

“Seeing my babies for the first time under these conditions following my caesarian section was absolutely heartbreaking,” says Crystal, who works for Baxter in Human Resources in Round Lake, Ill. “It was as if time stopped, as I stared and wondered what the results would be.”

Nurses explained that the girls’ treatment would include TPN – Total Parenteral Nutrition – and Crystal immediately thought about Baxter.  

“As I looked around, I saw Baxter TPN containers next to every bed in the neonatal intensive care unit.”

For two weeks, the girls received IV TPN made on Baxter’s EXACTAMIX Automated Compounding System, manufactured in Englewood, Colo., with the TPN dose customized in the hospital.

Some patients are unable to consume nutrients orally. These patients must be fed via an alternate method such as parenteral nutrition.

The twins tended to take one step forward then two steps back, necessitating a long hospital stay for both – Adelaide spent five weeks in the hospital and her sister stayed six. “I often thought about the moment our family would finally be home, together, which we wanted and thought about so long.

“I knew it would be a special moment - no more one-hour trips to the hospital. No more hearing the beeping monitors in the neonatal intensive care unit, although I occasionally still faintly hear them. The nurses told me that the treatments would become just a memory, and they did,” Crystal says.

As I watched my family and friends holding, hugging, kissing and loving our twins in our home, I realized the moments I imagined in the hospital had become a very happy reality.

Crystal, Human Resources Employee, Mother of Emelia and Adelaide

Today the twins are doing great – eating solid food, just happy, healthy babies. “I am really proud to be part of an organization that stands true behind its mission of saving and sustaining lives,” Crystal says. “The day-to-day work of Baxter employees made a difference for me and my family.”  

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