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University Research Program

University Research Program

We are partnering with leading innovators and institutions from around the world to generate new ideas, bringing together the best minds to solve health issues and find new solutions.

Our mission to save and sustain lives inspires our work and our commitment to deliver products and services to the patients and providers who need them.

In the pursuit of our mission and to support the demand for high-quality products and new impactful therapies, we run a robust internal research and development program that continually seeks to leverage the global community of researchers.

This research program combines our internal expertise and resources with the external capabilities found at Universities or research institutes from around the world. Although there is financial support, this program is more than a funding pathway, it is an opportunity for researchers both inside and outside Baxter to collaborate in creating and/or developing life changing therapies and products.

Proposals and process

Proposal Process

Our University Research Program encourages principal investigators to submit non-confidential preliminary research proposals through our online submission tool.  (See link below.)  We realize that time is valuable and limited, so this preliminary proposal should be kept simple to facilitate your ease of submission, while still containing enough information to allow Baxter researchers to evaluate the fit. If your proposal is selected for consideration, then we will reach out for further discussions and a second, more detailed, proposal will be solicited.

Proposal Scope

Proposals that demonstrate exceptional scientific merit, therapeutic alignment and/or impact to our mission are prioritized. We advise researchers considering submissions to review the information available on our website. This will help to familiarize you with our products and therapies. However, the scope of your proposed research is not necessarily restricted to those areas currently supported by our existing portfolio, instead we welcome any proposal topic so long as it is aligned with the mission of saving and sustaining lives.

Dynamic Interaction

Our proposal, funding and research process encourages dynamic interaction throughout the process. A single external researcher can submit multiple proposals. Although the proposed research does not need to involve extensive collaboration with our researchers, it is common to have substantial interaction with Baxter experts.

Need Assistance?

If you require additional information regarding Baxter’s External Research Program, contact us at [email protected]

Please refer to the link below to submit your proposal.


An acceptance of your proposal is not an indication that we will fund your research. By submitting your materials to us for review, you understand that the information will not be treated as confidential or proprietary and Baxter has no obligation to keep it confidential.

A request is officially approved only when you have received written confirmation from us notifying you of the approval. Approval of a project is contingent on availability of funds and subject to the terms and conditions required by our company. Although you may receive notification of approval, actual receipt of funding is contingent upon timely execution of a sponsored research agreement by both parties. Submission of application(s) is deemed acceptance of these provisions.

If you or any of your associates involved with the execution of the proposed research are healthcare providers, it might require additional information in order to adhere to regulatory guidelines.