Data Show Sigma Spectrum Infusion System Users Achieved 97 Percent Drug Library Compliance Rate Within the First Month of Implementation

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Deerfield, Ill. - June 16, 2016

Sigma Spectrum Achieves Industry-Leading Drug Library Compliance to Help Clinicians Protect Patients Against Infusion Programming Errors2

Baxter International (NYSE: BAX) is committed to enhancing patient safety during medication delivery, and today highlighted compliance data showing facilities that implemented Sigma Spectrum Infusion Systems achieved an overall average of 97 percent drug library compliance within the first 30 days of implementation.1 Consistent use of drug libraries is critical to help identify and prevent potentially harmful medication infusion errors. Each year in the United States, there are an estimated 1.2 million preventable harmful medication errors associated with injectable medications. 3

Drug libraries, the defining feature of smart pumps, are designed to help clinicians identify mistakes before they harm patients by allowing clinicians to choose from a curated list of medications and fluids within medically appropriate dose ranges. If programming goes beyond specified limits, smart infusion pumps will alert clinicians before they administer the medication. Sigma Spectrum pumps automatically default to the installed drug library when powered on, helping clinicians remain compliant with every infusion defined in the drug library.

Additionally, Sigma Spectrum Master Drug Library updates may be rapidly delivered wirelessly—without interrupting clinical workflow—to help ensure programming is based on the most up-to-date drug information. This rapid update delivery and activation is designed to allow clinicians at the bedside to have access to the latest version of the drug library, supporting consistent infusion practice across the hospital. The infusion record can also be automatically documented to the patient’s electronic medical record (EMR).

“Our highest priority when choosing a new infusion pump was achieving our drug library compliance goals, which is essential to patient safety,” said Dennis Killian, PharmD, Ph.D., Pharmacy Director, who led implementation of the Sigma Spectrum Infusion System at Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury, Md. “Industry-wide drug library compliance is at approximately 85 percent, but our facility—following the adoption of Sigma Spectrum and automatic drug library updates—is at a 99.3 percent compliance rate.”4

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) notes many healthcare facilities choose to bypass dose error-reduction software in smart pumps, or do not use smart pumps in all settings, which can lead to mistakes that can impact patient safety. In its 2016-2017 Targeted Medication Safety Best Practices for Hospitals, the ISMP recommends several best practices including using smart pumps in all hospital settings where applicable, requiring clinicians to use error-reduction software, and conducting regular audits to ensure clinicians are appropriately responding to alerts.5

Sigma Spectrum is also the only pump to feature a built-in Dose/Rate Change Error Prevention Feature to help protect high-risk infusions when pharmacists customize dose change limits for individual drugs. This feature is important for medications that are titrated based on a patient’s changing condition—especially “high alert” drugs that carry a larger risk of causing patient harm when used in error. Just 20 high-alert drugs are associated with an estimated 80 percent of all medication error-related deaths.6 In addition to features designed to protect patient safety, the Sigma Spectrum pump also features a compact design that supports patient mobility, interoperability capability with existing EMR systems, use of standard IV sets that deliver cost savings, enhanced data analytics and near-real-time location tracking of equipment within a facility.

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