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RenalSoft Software

Peritoneal Dialysis Software Training Modules

* The information contained in this page is intended for U.S. healthcare professionals only.

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RenalSoft v.2.0.1 Software is a WINDOWS-based clinical information system that can provide nephrology clinicians with:

  • The ability to enter patient prescriptions and Automated Peritoneal Dialysis (APD) treatment settings that may then be programmed onto the HomeChoice PRO APD System PRO Card
  • The capability for APD treatment results to be downloaded and reported, comparing the actual delivered treatment to the prescription, which may assist the clinician in evaluating patient compliance with the prescription ordered
  • A mathematical tool and kinetic modeling software application used to calculate, model, and predict the adequacy of different PD therapy regimens for the patient
  • A tool to track and monitor complications of the PD access

Note: This product does not replace the clinical and professional expertise and decision-making by the nephrology clinician nor does its operation create decisions or treatment pathways.


RenalSoft v.2.0.1 Software Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide provides instruction to set up the RenalSoft v.2.0.1 Software database. Additional instruction is provided for current PD Link Software and PD Adequest v.2.0 Software users, as well as users new to RenalSoft v.2.0.1. Topics include patient record management, prescription management, access assessment and management, and HomeChoice PRO APD System reports.

RenalSoft v.2.0.1 Software Reference Guide

The Reference Guide provides instruction for software features including My Groups, My Favorites, links between PD Rx Management (PD Adequest v.2.0 Software), PD Prescription (PD Link Software), PD access tracking in HD/PD Access Management (POET), and additional reports.

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