Peritoneal Dialysis Systems
Baxter's Global Portfolio:

HOMECHOICE CLARIA Automated PD System with SHARESOURCE is a remote patient management platform

HOMECHOICE CLARIA is approved in select European, Asian, and Latin American countries; it is not approved/cleared in the U.S.



The HOMECHOICE CLARIA automated peritoneal dialysis APD system is built on the market-leading HOMECHOICE APD system while adding user-friendly features and SHARESOURCE, a two-way, cloud-based connectvity platform. SHARESOURCE allows healthcare providers to remotely view and help manage their patients' home peritoneal dialysis (PD) treatement for end-stage renal disease.

Remote Patient Management

SHARESOURCE is designed to save clinics time and help improve healthcare practice efficiencies by reducing the manual input of data and generating an organized patient dashboard report that is easily accessed and viewed by their healthcare providers.

  • HOMECHOICE CLARIA system with SHARESOURCE provides two-way connectivity that allows healthcare providers increased visibiity to their patients' treatments
  • Healthcare providers can then act on this information by remotely adjusting their patients' home device settings without requiring them to travel to the clinic

Product Details

  • Safety and Flexibility - Wide range of programming options and variable configuations allow therapy programs to be tailored to the needs of most patients
  • User-friendly Display - The system features a large, two-line display screen for easier visibility and universal interface that is available in 38 languages


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