Baxter offers a variety of products across modalities for patients with kidney disease as their clinical and lifestyle needs evolve.

Acute Renal Therapy

Acute Renal Therapy includes multiple therapy types, including the two most common; continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) and Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE).

CRRT is a dialysis modality used to treat critically ill, hospitalized patients in the intensive care unit who develop acute kidney injury (AKI). Unlike chronic kidney disease, which occurs slowly over time, AKI often accurs in hospitalized patients treated in an intensive care environment, and it typically occurs over a few hours to a few days.

TPE is a procedure that separates plasma, with may contain disease mediators, from your blood. During TPE, the patient's blood is filtered through a filter membrane, thereby separating the plasma from other blood components thought to be the contributing factor to patient's compromised health. Healthy components are then put back into the patient's blood by administering a prescribed replacement fluid eventually restoring any imbalance.

Baxter's innovative portfolio of Acute dialysis products offers clinicians the ability to meet their diverse patient needs through multiple types of therapy.

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