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Partners & suppliers

We partner with our suppliers, pharmaceutical companies and other organizations around the world to deliver products that are essential to healthcare and drive access to care globally.

eCommerce Overview

eCommerce is the conducting of business transactions or communications over computer networks and the Internet. This exchange of information, goods, services, and funds takes place electronically.

Benefits of eCommerce

The automation of business transactions or communications can help to enable savings, efficiencies, and accuracy across the revenue cycle. These benefits include:


• Access to contract pricing

• Automatic upload of contract pricing

• Reduced price discrepancies

• Reduced Item Master Maintenance


• Streamline order management process

• More-efficient exception management

• Reduced purchasing-personnel labor

• Enable more-accurate purchase orders

• Receive advanced ship notices


• Faster invoice delivery

• Reduced paper invoices

• Increased invoice matching

• Increased access to early pay discounts

• Streamline invoice approval process


• Reduction of paper checks

• Increased access to early pay discounts

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Driving a Green Supply Chain

Electronic processing also ensures a cleaner transaction by reducing waste and excessive use of natural resources. By using fewer resources and improving efficiencies, Baxter is minimizing its impact on the planet and promoting sustainability.

Learn more about Baxter’s efforts to drive a green supply chain in our annual sustainability report.

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