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Baxter Recognizes World PI Week, April 22-29, 2014

DEERFIELD, Ill., April 22, 2014 - Baxter International Inc. (NYSE:BAX) recognizes World PI Week, a global campaign being celebrated April 22 - 29, 2014. Now in its fourth year, the campaign aims to raise awareness and improve diagnosis and treatment of primary immunodeficiencies (PI).

"Baxter has been a primary sponsor of World PI Week since its inception in 2011, as we have worked together with the global community to raise awareness and diagnosis of immunodeficiency disorders," said Ron Lloyd, leader of Baxter's BioTherapeutics business. "This collaborative observance attracts global attention to an otherwise little known condition, providing much needed support for PI patients and their families around the word."

World PI Week offers an opportunity to inform and educate medical professionals, researchers, health policy-makers, schools and families, and the general public about primary immunodeficiencies (PI). Through events and activities promoting the warning signs of PI, the global PI community can unite to bring about positive changes in healthcare systems and practices around the world in support of people living with PI. For more information, please visit

About Immunodeficiency Disorders

Primary immunodeficiencies (PI) are a group of more than 175 disorders in which part of the body's immune system is missing or does not function properly. Normally, the immune system protects the body from pathogenic microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and fungi, which can cause infectious diseases. When any part of a person's immune system is absent or dysfunctional, they are more likely to become infected and may take longer to recover from infections. When a defect in the immune system is inherited, it is called primary immune deficiency. It is estimated that as many as six million children and adults are affected by PI worldwide.

About Baxter International Inc.

Baxter International Inc., through its subsidiaries, develops, manufactures and markets products that save and sustain the lives of people with hemophilia, immune disorders, cancer, infectious diseases, kidney disease, trauma and other chronic and acute medical conditions. As a global, diversified healthcare company, Baxter applies a unique combination of expertise in medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology to create products that advance patient care worldwide.