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SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System Receives 2011 "Best in KLAS" Award

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The SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System (distributed by Baxter Healthcare Corporation) has received the "Best in KLAS" award for Smart Pumps - LVP1 in the 2011 Top 20 Best in KLAS Awards: Medical Equipment & Infrastructure Report.  The "Best in KLAS" award represents the opinions of healthcare clinicians who use smart pumps and hospital executives and managers who make purchasing decisions.  Receiving the "Best in KLAS" award indicates a high level of customer satisfaction with the SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System.

"This recognition represents Baxter's commitment to continually deliver advanced products and services to healthcare providers seeking enhanced patient care," said Dev Kurdikar, vice president of U.S. Infusion Systems for Baxter Healthcare Corporation.  "We deeply appreciate and highly value the feedback shared in the report from some of the key decision-makers - the healthcare clinicians and hospital executives and managers seeking optimal care for their patients."

The SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System scored the highest overall performance rating (82.3%) for large volume pumps (LVPs), which adds to its growing recognition as a leading smart pump in the market.  In fact, four of the top six hospitals designated as "Honor Roll Hospitals" by U.S. News and World Report2 use this infusion system.  The SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System also received the highest rating for reliability ("Satisfaction with Product Uptime") and delivery of technology ("Delivery of New Technology").

The SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System, manufactured by SIGMA International and distributed exclusively by Baxter, is a large volume pump with multiple safety features to help reduce pump-related adverse drug events.  The system offers wireless connectivity and electronic medical records (EMR) integration, and uses Baxter's standard intravenous administration sets.  More information on the SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System can be found here.

"Best in KLAS recognition-which indicates leadership in working with customers to resolve issues and match needs to delivered solutions-is awarded to healthcare vendors who have consistently excelled in their market segment(s)," said Adam Gale, president of KLAS. "We are pleased that the healthcare industry recognizes the value of the 'Best in KLAS' award." 

The awards in this report help put the aggregate perceptions and opinions of healthcare executives and clinicians into perspective-especially as their peers consider major investment decisions."

KLAS is an independent research company specializing in monitoring and reporting on the performance of healthcare vendors' products and services.  Using data voluntarily gathered from over 4,500 hospitals and over 2,500 clinics, KLAS offers unbiased reporting on equipment and services that includes trends, statistics and commentary from healthcare professionals and hospital management.

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SIGMA Spectrum pumps are manufactured by SIGMA and distributed exclusively by Baxter Healthcare Corporation.
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