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Call for Submissions—Baxter's Young Investigator Awards

Baxter encourages young scientific talent through annual recognition

Baxter International Inc. strives to foster innovation and encourage scientific pursuit through a variety of means, including by rewarding and motivating young scientific talent.

Through its annual Young Investigator Awards, Baxter recognizes graduate and postdoctoral students for their innovative scientific research in developing therapies and medical products for those with chronic, life-threatening illnesses. Sustaining and saving lives through innovation is at the heart of this award, and students who have made this the core of their research are encouraged to apply through the application form on Baxter's website, through July 15, 2012. Complete details can be found on the award's webpage

Graduate and postdoctoral students from universities or institutions in the United States are eligible to apply. Baxter seeks students who have undertaken research applicable to critical care and life sustaining therapies in one of the following areas of study: instrumental and analytical sciences; life sciences; material science and engineering; or pharmaceutical sciences. Each first-tier recipient of the award will be awarded a $2,000 cash prize and will be asked to present his or her research at Baxter's headquarters. Second-tier recipients will be awarded $500 each.  

Norbert Riedel, corporate vice president, Baxter's chief science & innovation officer, said, "It's a pleasure to be able to shine a light on young scientists who are at the forefront of significant research that could impact patient health in a meaningful way. In the years that we've held the Baxter Young Investigator Awards, it has been inspiring to witness the talent and ingenuity coming from this emerging generation of scientists."