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Baxter Young Investigator Award

2013 Winners

FIRST-Tier Winners

Richard Keithley, Ph.D.
University of Notre Dame, South Bend - Chemistry
"Ultrasensitive Single Cell Analysis of Glycosphingolipid Metabolism"
Advisor: Norman Dovichi


Ning Sun
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign - Biochemistry
"Seamless Gene Correction of Sickle Cell Disease Mutation in Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Sells"

Advisor Huimin Zhao


Nathan Alves, Ph.D.
University of Notre Dame, South Bend - Chemical Engineering
"Utilization of the Conserved Antibody Nucleotide Binding Site (NBS): From Antibody Purification and Advanced Medical Diagnostics to Next Generation Therapeutics"

Advisor Basar Bilgicer


Seung Soo Oh, Ph.D.
University of California, Santa Barbara - Materials Engineering
"Aptamer-Polymer Hybrids for Programmed Delivery of Drugs into Target Cells"

Advisor H. Tom Soh, Ph.D.


Brett VanVeller, Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin, Madison - Biochemistry
"Collagen Specific Dyes for Breast Tumor Imaging" Ronald

Advisor T. Raines, Ph.D.

Second-Tier Winners

Neal Andruska
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign - Biochemistry
"Pathway-Directed Screening Reveals a Novel Pathway of Estrogen Receptor Action, Prognostic Biomarker, and Potential Therapeutic in Breast Cancer"
Advisor: David J. Shapiro

Samira Azarin, Ph.D.
Northwestern University, Evanston - Chemical Engineering
"Development of an In Vivo Metastasis Sensor Using Biomaterial Scaffolds"
Advisor: Lonnie Shea

Saradha Chandrasekhar
Purdue University, West Lafayette - Industrial & Physical Pharmacy
"Elucidating the Mechanism of Thiol-Disulfide Exchange - a Common Route to Protein Aggregation Using Model Tryptic Peptides Derived from Human Growth Hormone"
Advisor: Elizabeth M. Topp, Ph.D

Weiqiang Chen
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - Mechanical Engineering
"Integrated Microfluidic Platform for Immunophenotyping of Subpopulations of Immune Cells"
Advisor: Jianping Fu, Ph.D.

Mamta Kapoor, Ph.D.
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis/St. Paul - Pharmaceutics
"A Novel Prodrug/Enzyme System for Rapid Delivery of Poorly Water-soluble Drugs"
Advisor: Ronald A. Siegel, Sc.D.

Woon Teck Yap, Ph.D.
Northwestern University, Evanston - Biomedical Engineering
"Biodegradable Nanoparticle-Based Platforms for the Induction of Immune Tolerance - Therapies for Autoimmune Diseases and Allergies"
Advisor: Lonnie Shea

Ji Yi, Ph.D.
Northwestern University, Evanston - Biomedical Engineering
"New Optical Technique to Screen Colorectal Cancer"
Advisor: Vadim Backman, Ph.D.