Science & innovation

Baxter’s diverse scientific expertise and world-class capabilities in key technical areas are critical components in advancing patient care globally.

Past, Present & Future

Innovation is at the core of Baxter’s mission to save and sustain lives. We deliver essential products to expand access to care, provide cost-effective healthcare solutions, deliver quality products, and advance healthcare innovations around the world. Baxter’s scientific achievements continue to make a difference for millions of patients and healthcare providers each day.

Developing innovative therapies that address needs

Increasing access to care

  • New manufacturing technologies
  • New delivery mechanisms
  • Liquid/powder container platforms
  • Admixing process improvements and patient infusion safety

Enhancing clinical outcomes

  • New dialysis platforms
  • Advanced parenteral nutrition formulations
  • “Smart” intravenous pumps with enhanced patient safety features

Improving efficiency

  • Healthcare IT connectivity applications and decision support
  • New flexible container platform for improved performance
  • Continuous mixing technology for solutions preparation

Our future

Baxter's scientific organization and collaborative partners strengthen our ability to create a healthier future for people worldwide. Baxter is committed to offering cost-effective healthcare solutions that reduce complexity and increase access to care in hospitals, clinics and homes.

Baxter also is dedicated to supporting the pioneering efforts of clinicians who are focused on innovative research and science education that elevates student interest in math and science. Learn more about Baxter's programs aimed at broadening scientific and medical advancements.

Baxter Young Investigator Award

Medical Grants

Our Present

Baxter’s technical capabilities are the foundation of our approach to innovation as we develop new products or enhance existing products to meet unmet healthcare needs. Our diverse scientific expertise spans across numerous technical areas critical to our products and therapies.

Baxter employs collaborative innovation — a way to work with partners to deliver new advancements to the market faster and more efficiently. Our resources include our own scientific team as well as a network of external partners with specific expertise that complements our own.

The company’s extensive global reach enables Baxter to play a significant role in expanding access to cost-effective care for patients and healthcare providers around the world.

Building on our legacy

For more than 80 years, Baxter has been an essential partner for our customers in meeting the healthcare needs of patients around the world. From the first commercially manufactured intravenous (IV) solutions to the first portable kidney dialysis machine, Baxter’s history is filled with medical innovations that set it apart from other companies in the healthcare industry.

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Through the years, Baxter has developed world-class capabilities in key technical and operational areas critical to our products and therapies. We continually utilize these capabilities to drive operational excellence and advance patient care.

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Core technical competencies

Baxter's unique combination of core technical competencies enables the development and manufacturing of its lifesaving, industry-leading healthcare products.

Drug Delivery
Our expertise includes formulating and packaging injectable and inhalable drugs in vials, syringes, and other containers, as well as advanced drug-formulation technologies.
Hardware and Software Development
We offer unique capabilities in the design, development, and integration of hardware and electronic systems and the software that controls them. As Baxter designs products, we incorporate usability and health informatics features that help connect patients and healthcare providers, safely and easily.
Polymers & Container Technology
Ever since Baxter introduced the first flexible plastic blood collection container in the 1930s, we have led the way in this category, creating flexible plastic containers for diverse use in IV therapy and dialysis. In fact, Baxter is a leader in container/drug interactions, along with container closure and delivery systems that enhance safety for patients and efficiency and convenience for providers.
Our thorough understanding of large proteins and biologics development helps us to create hemostatic agents and sealants used during surgery.
Therapeutic solutions, like parenteral nutrition and peritoneal dialysis, present a variety of scientific and technical challenges, including stability, chemical degradation, compatibility of ingredients, and precipitation. We use a variety of techniques to address these issues while ensuring quality, consistency, and ease of use.
Our sterilization capabilities include systems for validation and assurance, and the development of novel chemical and biological indicators and barrier technologies. Baxter’s technology includes a commercially available aseptic filling process for premixed drugs in flexible IV containers.



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