About us

Baxter’s mission to save and sustain lives inspires our work and our commitment to deliver products and services that are essential building blocks of healthcare.

Corporate Governance

A focus on corporate governance has never been more important than in today’s business environment, where investor and public confidence in companies is no longer based strictly on financial performance or products and services. Rather, confidence increasingly is based on a company’s structure, its board of directors, its policies and guidelines, its culture and the behavior of not only its officers and directors, but also all of its employees. Baxter is proud of its strong commitment to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance.

Board of Directors

Our approach to corporate governance is proactive, starting with our board of directors, an independent board that oversees Baxter’s management. The board consists of four committees: audit, compensation, corporate governance, and quality, compliance and technology. Learn more about our board of directors.


Baxter has long adhered to principles designed to ensure effective corporate governance. Since 1995, the board has had in place corporate governance guidelines that address the operation of the board and its committees; strategic and succession planning; and director qualifications, independence and compensation. Learn about Baxter’s Corporate Governance Guidelines, securities trading policy, and business practices.

Certificate of Incorporation & Bylaws

Ethics & Compliance

Baxter’s commitment to operating with integrity requires more than just adequate financial management, workplace relations, and public service. It requires a framework for leaders to guide their organization in an ethical way. Learn about how Baxter integrates integrity into its culture.

Insider Transactions

Learn more about transactions in Baxter securities by directors and executive officers.

Investor Information

We provide comprehensive financial information for shareholders. Review our annual report and proxy statements; access information on transactions, filings, and financial schedules; or check the calendar of events for scheduled investor calls and meetings.

SEC Filings

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