Covington, Georgia

Building New Manufacturing Facility Near Covington, Georgia

Baxter announced in April 2012 that the company is building a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility near Covington, Ga. to support growth of its plasma-based treatments, and there has been much progress on the facility's construction to date. The new plasma fractionation facility will bring Baxter additional capacity for testing, purification, and fill and finish for its biologic medications. The Baxter products that will be manufactured at the Covington facility include immunoglobulin therapy for patients with immune deficiencies and albumin products, which are primarily used as plasma-volume replacement therapy in critical care, trauma and burn patients.

Baxter expects capital investments at the site to exceed $1 billion by the time the facility is fully operational in 2018. Baxter expects the project to result in the creation of more than 1,500 full-time positions in Georgia and more than 2,000 jobs in total across multiple U.S. locations. Plans call for an integrated campus that will include three main manufacturing components, as well as support components such as warehouse and utilities buildings, administrative facilities and laboratories. The initial phase of development will be approximately one million total gross square feet. The timeline on the project spans several years with commercial production scheduled to begin in 2018.

Job Seekers

Construction hiring
Baxter has hired two construction management firms Fluor EPCM Services and Turner Construction Company to manage this process. Baxter will not be involved in the construction job hiring process. Fluor and Turner will chose subcontractors, and those subcontractors will hire skilled trade and construction workers. Currently, we have approximately 400 contractors on-site on a daily basis. This varies with activities and weather, but the number will ramp up as the year progresses.

Baxter positions
Baxter has hired much of the facility's senior leadership and project management team. For 2014, the goal is to have nearly 300 Baxter employees and contractors on-board, fully dedicated to the Covington Project. We continue to hold interview events throughout the state of Georgia. Additionally, we participate in various career fairs throughout the region. Job candidates can review open positions any time by visiting Baxter's career site at

Potential Suppliers

To send us information about the products and services your company can provide to Baxter for the Covington project, please visit and click on Suppliers. Alternatively, e-mail Baxter directly at In your e-mail message, please include company name, address, contact information (phone, fax, email and website) and type of product or services provided.

If there is a need for your product or services, you will be contacted directly. Due to the number of submissions, we regret that we are unable to respond to follow-up inquiries.

All participants will be required to complete a pre-qualification package and sign a confidentiality agreement prior to inclusion in any sourcing events.

Overview of the current construction progress on the site as of January 2014

Overview of the current construction progress on the site as of January 2014