Corporate Responsiblity at Baxter

Baxter has a long history of leadership in corporate responsiblity and environmental stewardship.

Baxter 2020 Corporate Responsibility Priorities and Goals

Baxter’s corporate responsibility strategy focuses on the issues that matter most to the company and its stakeholders and where it can have the greatest positive impact. The company determined these long-term priorities and goals based on the company’s strategic vision and the materiality assessment it conducted in 2015.

To inform this process, the company:

  • Assessed healthcare industry trends such as business model innovation and proactive health management; and sustainability trends such as climate change, fresh water scarcity and population growth.
  • Gathered input from Baxter executives, senior leaders, and employees.
  • Reviewed relevant information from external reporting frameworks including the Global Reporting Initiative G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standards.
  • Considered customer feedback related to a range of corporate responsibility issues.
Baxter 2020 Corporate Responsibility Priorities & Goals

Read about Baxter’s recent efforts in the 2016 Baxter Corporate Responsibility Report.

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