Corporate Responsibility at Baxter

Baxter has a long history of leadership in corporate responsiblity and environmental stewardship.

Employee Health and Safety –

Achieve a zero-harm workplace and improve employee well-being

As a part of the company’s aspiration to be the best place to work, Baxter provides a safe workplace and resources to maintain and improve employee health and wellbeing.

The Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHS&S) organization applies data to identify focus areas based on risk. EHS&S tracks and analyzes safety performance and reports it regularly to senior management. Data analysis from a variety of sources provides direction for multiple strategies to continually improve the safety of Baxter’s workplaces and reduce employee health risk. The EHS organization also communicates this information to the company’s Board of Directors.

Zero-Harm Workplace

Baxter's vision of a Zero-Harm workplace underpins the company’s strategic efforts in safety, industrial hygiene and employee health promotion. Recent trends in Baxter’s operations include increasing process automation, facility expansions, and a growing remote workforce. These present distinct workplace hazards and safety improvement opportunities. Baxter’s Safety Connection initiative defines critical safety behaviors at all employee levels, and provides dynamic tools and resources to enhance employee ownership of safety and the effectiveness of safety leadership.

Baxter recognizes that healthy employees are more engaged and productive, and are less vulnerable to safety incidents and injuries. Through BeWell@Baxter, the company’s global employee health and wellness effort, Baxter strives to create a culture that promotes work-related and personal health, raises awareness about these issues and supports individual accountability and engagement.

Read more about Baxter’s efforts in this area in the Employee Health and Safety section of the Baxter 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report.

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