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Rotational Development Programs

At Baxter, our Rotational Development Programs are committed to building diverse future leaders with technical competencies and leadership skills that will allow participants to successfully contribute to the organization while furthering their career goals. During a 2-3 year period, participants rotate in various assignments within their function/discipline, providing a well rounded view of their function of interest.

Benefits of Baxter’s Development Programs

  • Contribute value-added work to a value-driven company
  • 3-4 diverse rotational assignments providing breadth of experiences
  • Receive continuous training and development
  • Build leadership, business acumen and technical skills
  • Formal Mentor Program
  • Provides exposure to Senior Leadership
  • Community Service and networking opportunities
  • Work-life Balance
  • Cross-functional experiences and enabling participants to pursue numerous career opportunities


Baxter evaluates undergraduate and graduate candidates based on the same criteria as entry-level employees, which includes grade point average, leadership abilities, communication skills and relevant coursework. Specifically, Baxter looks for development-program participants who have:

  • Strong academic performance – minimum GPA 3.0 (4.0 scale)
  • Internship/co-op experience or relevant experience
  • Actively pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in related field of study OR a recent graduate (within the last 12 months)
  • Strong interpersonal skills, and can adapt to and work well with diverse sets of situations and people, including cross-cultural adaptation
  • A willingness to travel when required
  • Demonstrates behaviors consistent with Baxter’s short- and long-term business needs: initiative/drive, critical/analytical thinking, effective decision-making and relationship-building skills

Nicole Mascheri“One of the most important benefits to me from the Technical Development Program was the ability to come out of it with a diverse network in the company and have relationships to build upon when the program was completed.”

Nicole Mascheri, Project Manager

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Financial Development Program
The Financial Development Program (FDP) provides aspiring finance and accounting professionals with a range of unique experiences in corporate accounting and finance to help shape them into future business leaders. Over the course of the three-year program, accounting and finance professionals develop their careers through a series of two six-month and two one-year rotations strategically designed to provide a well-rounded view of Baxter’s business and finance competencies.

Baxter conducts business in more than 100 countries worldwide. This global presence is reflected in the FDP, with approximately 25% of rotations outside the United States. These rotations provide associates with hands-on international business and global finance experience. FDP associates are typically involved in:

  • Consolidating actual financials with analysis of results
  • Preparing general month-end-close journal entries
  • Reconciling balance sheet accounts and reviewing trends of each account
  • Preparing monthly reports
  • Providing financial analysis on special projects

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Information Technology Development Program
The Information Technology Development Program (ITDP) provides aspiring IT professionals with a range of unique experiences in corporate IT to help shape them into future business leaders. Over the course of the 2.5-year program, IT professionals develop their careers through one 6-month rotation and two 12-month rotations designed to challenge them to quickly adapt and add value to each position. Associates are assigned 3 mentors during the program to help introduce them to Baxter’s corporate culture, the values and goals of the ITDP, assist the ITDP with selection of rotation assignments, and to expand the ITDP’s professional network. The cross-functional knowledge and breadth of experience associates gain enable them to pursue future career opportunities within Baxter.

ITDP Framework:
Associates are focused on one of three tracks for the entire program. Rotations within each track will provide diverse experiences within different types of projects, technologies and aspects of Baxter. Rotations across tracks are also possible.

Service Track:
Progression of responsibilities in security, server operations, network operations, service management and customer support. Focus on ITIL processes, technology management, vendor management, architecture of infrastructure and operations services.
Analyst Track:
Progression of systems analyst responsibilities across the business with interaction with business and project team members. Focus on requirements, testing, training and process and associate documentation.
Developer Track:
Progression of systems development and programming responsibilities across the businesses with interactions with technical resources and project team members. Focus on programming, tech design, code review, testing and associated documentation.

Skills Developed Include:
Project Management, ITIL Foundations, Testing, Problem Solving and Solutions Development, Development and Solutions Delivery, Vendor Management, Change Management, Financial Management, Security Awareness, Leadership, Business Acumen, Process Improvement.

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Baxter’s Commercial Leadership Development Program (CLDP) is committed to building future business leaders with commercial competencies and leadership skills that allow them to successfully drive superior business results in a complex global healthcare environment.

The CLDP is designed to provide associates with a solid career foundation that will help shape them into outstanding leaders. Associates will gain valuable experience across Baxter’s businesses, with broad exposure to domestic and global teams through rotational assignments.

The CLDP provides associates with cross-functional hands-on marketing and management experience, both strategic and tactical through rotations,. Rotations include a variety of market segments and functions, such as new product development, product management, sales, strategic planning and more.. In addition, at least one rotation will include exposure to a global business.

The CLDP associate may do one of their three rotations in Marketing, Sales, Market Access, Business Model Innovation, Commercial Excellence or Business Development. International opportunities may be available. Through these rotations, the CLDP associate will develop skills in different areas of marketing and management, including new product development, product management, strategic planning, and more. Additionally, CLDP associates will gain experience across different healthcare segments, such as pharmaceuticals, software and services, and medical devices.

Each rotation/assignment will be focused on different aspects of marketing or business strategy, which include: 
  • Conducting and analyzing market research to assess feasibility of a new product, service or business
  • Developing programs that drive product utilization and brand awareness
  • Creating pre and post-launch promotional materials, sales training, and pricing strategy
  • Directing advertising/brand agencies on the creative development for various tactical marketing programs
  • Developing business models involving multiple assumptions, quantifying results, and assessing alternatives to develop recommendations for new product entry
  • Developing and testing of product positioning, sales messages and sales tools for a Baxter product on a national or global scale
  • Interfacing with cross-functional teams that include Sales, R&D, Finance, Quality, Manufacturing

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OPERATIONS Development Program
Patients and healthcare teams rely on Baxter products in critical moments — during surgeries and traumas, and when treating many complex medical conditions. The Operations function is responsible for building the systems and processes to ensure that safe and effective medical products reach patients and clinicians worldwide.

The Operations Development Program (ODP) is comprised of four, 6-month rotations that are strategically designed to provide associates with a well- rounded view of Baxter’s quality manufacturing processes, systems and medical product lines.

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Sales Development Program
The Sales Development Program (SDP) offers aspiring sales professionals the unique opportunity to experience a variety of sales roles selling essential medical products and therapies. Over the course of the program, participants have the chance to contribute value while building their business acumen and developing selling skills through a series of training rotations that include both internal and field-based selling experiences.

The 24-month rotational program offers the participant exposure to Baxter’s hospital products businesses, including the business strategy and marketing of a product line through to the sale of the product to the end user. Each participant will spend one rotation in the inside sales organization. The culmination of the rotational experience will be a role in one of Baxter’s industry-leading sales organizations.

The SDP is designed to provide participants with the foundational knowledge and skills required to be a successful sales professional.

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Technical Development Program
Baxter’s Technical Development Program (TDP) is a two-year training program focused on developing high-potential, entry-level technical professionals. This program combines hands-on experiences and career mentoring with technical training classes to accelerate associates’ development. Associates will graduate with the confidence and technical ability to create and produce Baxter’s next generation of products designed with the customer in mind.

Baxter’s TDP is a two-year technical training program focused on growing high-potential, entry-level professionals who are passionate about science, technology and saving lives, and who have the desire to strive to create innovative, quality products and processes. This rotational program is designed to accelerate professional development by exposing the associate to Baxter’s technical businesses through a variety of critical assignments and targeted training. Professionals will graduate with the confidence and technical ability to create and produce Baxter’s next generation of products and therapies designed with the customer experience in mind.

The TDP professionals will have the opportunity to experience a range of engineering and science roles such as designing and improving products and processes, and improving quality. These roles may be in areas such as new product design, formulation development, modeling, material selection, pilot plant operations, quality, design for reliability, product testing, manufacturing and supply chain. Program professionals will also learn Baxter’s design methodologies such as critical thinking, data-driven decision-making and design control utilizing our therapeutic or device product design processes. TDP professionals will learn to work closely with other functions to integrate product designs for manufacturability, reliability and serviceability, providing optimal customer-centric products for Baxter. Training classes and projects will help the professionals enhance their core competencies. TDP professionals will combine their hands-on experiences and in-depth training with career mentoring, so they have all the tools necessary for a successful career at Baxter.

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