A career that matters

At Baxter, saving and sustaining lives is our mission and the purpose behind our work. Join us in delivering products and services that are essential to healthcare globally.

Science & Technology Jobs

Baxter is committed to driving innovation; enhancing our scientific, technical, and medical capabilities; and ensuring that we have a strong foundation of safety, clinical development and regulatory support. We are committed to being a leader in science, technology, and innovation for our patients worldwide.

Research & Development Jobs

Research and development (R&D) is essential to Baxter’s growth. The company’s diverse technological expertise is one of its greatest strengths. Baxter’s capabilities in medical products and therapies set it apart from other companies in the healthcare industry. With a focus on innovative science, Baxter R&D professionals work with Baxter’s businesses to create unique new products, and improve existing products, to drive improved access to care worldwide.

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Patient Safety/Pharmacovigilance Jobs

Pharmacovigilance is the science of collecting, monitoring, researching, assessing, and evaluating information from healthcare providers and patients on the adverse effects of products and devices. This information helps us identify new information about hazards associated with medicines and preventing harm to patients. Pharmacovigilance consists of safety operations, risk management, safety data exchange agreements, and medical writing.

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Regulatory Affairs Jobs

Regulatory Affairs professionals are focused on developing global regulatory strategies for new and novel products; collaborating with regulatory bodies worldwide to set standards for new technologies; supporting clinical development activities; filing regulatory submissions; and ensuring regulatory compliance across the product life cycle, among other critical responsibilities.

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