Center For One Baxter

The Center for One Baxter (CFOB) is a team of knowledgeable customer response consultants who understand Baxter's products, services, therapies and corporate infrastructure.

Our team serves as a single point of contact to answer questions and direct customers to the appropriate business or support function.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Whether your inquiry arrives via phone, Internet, fax or mail, the team will provide you with the information you need to conduct business with Baxter.

To ensure customer satisifaction, we are committed to:

  • Understanding your question
  • Taking ownership of your inquiry 
  • Providing you with accurate information
  • Resolving your inquiry in a timely manner
  • Creating a friendly, courteous inquiry experience

Contact Us

United States and Canada
Phone: 800-422-9837 (800-4Baxter)
Fax: 800-568-5020

Phone: +1-224-948-1812

Business hours: 8am-5pm CT